Our Service

STAR Integrated Services

We hire Specialised Consultants who share our values, passion and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of Service.

The specialised team focus in Executive Search covering the below services:

    1. Permanent Services
    2. Contract Services
    3. Payroll Services
    4. Outsourcing Services

Industries We Serve

Information Technology, Telecommunication, Consulting, Insurance and Banking & Finance.

Information Technology / Telecommunication

We understand the importance of Information Technology in business today. Information technology drives innovation, and innovation is the path to business success.

Our team of consultants are well qualified to understand the differing technicalities of each department and position.

We have worked alongside clients from multi-national organisations and small to medium-sized enterprises understanding unique challenges and goals.

Positions covered include, but are not restricted to:

 - Cyber Security/ Security
 - Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning
 - Infrastructure
 - IOT
 - Software, Application
 - Data Analytics
 - Robotics
 - Cloud

Banking & Finance

The Team of Consultants are highly skilled and fully trained to assist you.

We understand the importance of banking and finance in organisation. Banking and finance are pivotal for any business, large or small.

The experienced consultants work with you to build a deeper understanding of how your business evolve.

This allows us to build a truly holistic view of your company needs and develop a tailored strategy for assisting your recruitment needs.